The Rallye d’Algérie was born out of the great experience of a group of organizers and racers in African tout terrain competitions. A project that, in just a few years, turned into a real gamble, an ambitious one indeed: bringing back to Algeria – in the places that have seen desert races par excellence have birth – a rally raid capable of attracting adventure lovers, and have the best pilots in this motorsports specialty at the starting line.

Today, also thanks to the Algerian motorsports federation and the hospitality of a country rich in history and tradition, Arak Sport – the organization behind the Rallye d’Algérie – promises a new enrapturing adventure, bringing racers back in time to one of the most beautiful deserts in the world.

A rally to rediscover the successes that once brought great fortune to this African territory in terms of motorsports; a territory wisely encompassing spine-tingling coastlines, a luxurious inland, ancient Roman towns worthy of more fame, and rock art areas honored as UNESCO world heritage sites.

A great event with international appeal, created to promote the sports and tourism image of Algeria, which has long awaited a renewed desire for visitors: an interesting way to make a new generation of motorsports lovers discover a fascinating and welcoming country.

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