We invite you to read the following notice CAREFULLY.

All vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, and quads, both racing and assistance vehicles, shipped Ro-Ro or on a second vehicle) that will take part in the 2018 Rallye d’Algérie and travelling by sea must be provided with a shipped goods declaration form – to be drafted IN FRENCH – listing the main goods shipped with the vehicle itself (e.g.: 2 crates containing spare parts; 1 crate containing camping material; 1 Garmin 128 GPS device…), in as much detail as possible.

As for trucks/vans containing shipped motorcycles as well as their own equipment, the goods declaration form must include a precise list of the motorcycles, including name/surname of the owner, passport number, motorcycle model, license plate registration number, and related equipment (GPS or other electronic devices).

Participants travelling by plane and assigning transportation of their vehicle to a third party or onboard a vehicle owned by a different participant will still need to fill in the  shipped goods declaration form for goods transported with their vehicle.

E.G.: Mr. Rossi, a competitor in the motorcycle race, will travel by plane. His motorcycle will be transported by Mr. White onboard a van owned by “Desert Adventure”. Mr. Rossi must attach a shipped goods declaration to his motorcycle (including safety equipment). Mr. White must have a note of authorization to transport the vehicle written by Mr. Rossi, and a note of authorization to the operation by the Legal Representative of “Desert Adventure”. Moreover, Mr. White must fill in a declaration of goods shipped inside the van, including details of Mr. Rossi’s motorcycle.

All lists/declaration forms must be filled IN FRENCH and sent to the Racer’s Office as soon as possible.

We hereby remind you that all vehicle documents (LICENSE PLATE, VEHICLE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE, INSURANCE…) must be original (not photocopies), and if the vehicle is not owned, a specific use authorization must be provided.

Download: shipped goods declaration form


Hug-s will feature at the Rallye d’Algérie with its crate and tire transportation service, and the habitual tire service.

Forms to process your order as well as prices are listed below:

Order form: HUG-S – 4×4 Rallye d’Algérie 2018

Order form: HUG-S – Quad SSV Rallye d’Algérie 2018

Order form: HUG-S – Moto Rallye d’Algérie 2018


Thanks to the important partnership agreement between Arak Sport and Algérie Ferries, the state-owned sea transport company, participants of the Rallye d’Algérie may benefit of particularly advantageous prices on Marseille-Algiers and Algiers-Marseille routes on October 29th and November 7th 2016.

  • Passenger return trip 240 €
  • Car or truck return trip 250 €
  • Motorcycle, quad, or buggy return trip 150 €
  • Semi-trailer return trip 88 € per linear meter

Prices per passenger include a double-bed cabin and meals. Eventual changes to the indicated prices (due to increases in oil prices or other) shall be by no means ascribable to the Arak Sport organization.

Booking must be made directly by competitors in the Rallye d’Algérie at the website , using the discount code provided upon completing the registration.




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